“Every time you dream a dream, remember to share it with others; they might use it or pursue the aspirations when you are not there.”

Inspiring words from our dear friend and colleague, James Munyugi, a founding Board Member of the Grevy’s Zebra Trust and, undeniably, one of the greatest advocates of community development and conservation in Kenya’s history.

James’ life was tragically cut short in 2007,  but his legacy of dream-sharing continues to influence community development and conservation  in northern Kenya today. James shared with us his vision that Kenyan  communities  could be released from poverty through sustainable community-led development and conservation.

It is in response to James’ voice that the Grevy’s Zebra Trust pursues his dream to offer educational opportunities and positive futures to Kenyan children; it is through his eyes that we are able to see the tremendous potential in providing continuing education and employment opportunities for adults through community-driven conservation; and it is with his heart that we work towards a sustainable future for Grevy’s zebra and the other unique wildlife of northern Kenya that is so inextricably linked to the future of the people sharing their habitat.

Join us in sharing his dream.

by eyedesign, nairobi, kenya
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