The Grevy's Zebra Trust is a team of over 55 individuals dedicated to the conservation of this incredible species




The Grevy’s Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees with representation from Kenya, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Martha Fischer (Co-Founder)
Mr Tom Lalampaa
Mr David Njonjo
Dr Juliet King
Dr Francis Gakuya
Ms Sara Spendrup Dyer
Mr Peter Leshakwet
Dr Guy Parker

The late James Munyugi was also a Co-Founder and played a critical role in guiding the community focus of the Trust.

Meet the team

The Grevy's Zebra Trust has an exceptionally committed team who work tirelessly to further the goals of Grevy's zebra conservation. The field team is based in Samburu 100% of the time, while accounts and administration are done from the Nairobi office. Under the supervision and leadership of the field team is a dedicated team of women and men employed from local communities in the capacity of Grevy’s Zebra Scouts, Ambassadors and Warriors.

Team members are listed below in the order that they joined the Grevy's Zebra Trust.

Belinda Low Mackey

Belinda Low Mackey, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Belinda (also known by her Samburu name Nalaroi) was born and raised in Kenya. She has 15 years of experience working with communities on Grevy’s zebra conservation since starting the Grevy’s Zebra Scout Program in 2003 while working for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and later, the Northern Rangelands Trust. This grassroots approach engaged pastoral communities in Grevy’s zebra conservation and led to Belinda co-founding the Grevy’s Zebra Trust in 2007. Belinda has an MSc in Conservation Biology with Distinction and qualified as a Certified Educator in Holistic Management in 2008. She is a member of IUCN’s Equid Specialist Group and sits on Kenya’s national Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee and Grevy’s Zebra Disease Response Committee. Under her leadership, the Grevy’s Zebra Trust was awarded the prestigious 2012 AZA International Conservation Award in recognition of the Trust’s practical and effective community-led conservation efforts.

Rikapo Lentiyoo

Rikapo Lentiyoo, El Barta Regional Coordinator 
Rikapo Lentiyoo is from Westgate Conservancy in Samburu and has worked alongside Belinda since 2003, when he was recruited as one of the first Grevy’s Zebra Scouts. At the time, Rikapo was a young Samburu warrior wearing traditional dress who spoke very little English, and who quickly proved to be an excellent Scout. He was soon promoted to coordinate the program and in recognition of his incredible efforts, Rikapo was selected for the prestigious Disney Conservation Hero award in 2009. In 2013, Rikapo gained a Higher Certificate in Nature Conservation from the Southern African Wildlife College. Rikapo is now the Regional Coordinator for El Barta, where he leads a team of 17 Ambassadors, 2 Radio Operators, coordinates the outreach of the Elbarta Conservation Council, and works closely with the newly established community conservancies focusing on conservation and peace in this historically troubled region.

David Muriira

David Muriira, Senior Driver 
David Muriira comes from Meru next to Mt Kenya. David joined the Grevy’s Zebra Trust as our driver in August 2007. David has taken exceptional care of the Trust’s vehicles over the years, which have to cope with extremely rough terrain and yet remain in excellent condition thanks to David’s careful management. He is also instrumental in taking care of the team when we are camping in the field by cooking us simple and incredibly tasty food!

Peter Lalampaa

Peter Lalampaa, Rangelands Manager 
Peter is from Oldonyiro in Isiolo District, Northern Kenya. He joined the Trust in November 2007, with a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Kenyatta University. With encouragement from the Trust to pursue his dream, he graduated with an MSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Kent, UK in September 2011, and also completed the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders course in 2012. Peter is an exceptional conservation leader and as Rangelands Manager, his work requires a huge amount of flexibility as our field conditions are constantly changing, which is an art that Peter has mastered well! Peter is a natural diplomat and with his advanced training in Conservation Conflict Transformation, is highly skilled in positively engaging local communities in conservation and resolving conflict issues that arise over natural resources. In August 2013, Peter was recognised as one of 14 Disney Conservation Heroes for his outstanding contributions to Grevy’s zebra conservation.

Andrew Letura

Andrew Letura, Wamba Regional Coordinator 
Andrew is from Archer’s Post in Samburu. Growing up next to the Samburu National Reserve, Andrew developed a passion for wildlife. He has a Diploma in Wildlife Management from the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute and joined the Trust in November 2011 as a Research Assistant. In this role, Andrew tirelessly sought out Grevy’s zebra on his motorbike to photograph their stripe patterns. Through this project, Andrew developed a passion for Grevy’s zebra, resulting in his promotion to Wamba Regional Coordinator, running the Grevy’s Zebra Scout Program and Lkiramat Nkujit (Grass Guardians) Club. He oversees the work of our 30 Grevy’s Zebra Scouts, liaises closely with the community conservancies, and conducts community and school outreach. Andrew was recognized for his dedication to Grevy’s zebra conservation when he won the prestigious Houston Zoo Wildlife Warrior Award in 2017.

Julius Lekenit

Julius Lekenit, Field Operations Manager 
Julius comes from South Horr in Samburu North and joined us in March 2012. Julius has a BSc in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University with previous work experience in participatory forest conservation. Julius is the Field Operations Manager, responsible for coordinating the work of the three regions of Wamba, Laisamis and Isiolo. Julius’s personal story of how he got his education is inspiring, having come from an extremely humble background, to now studying a Masters in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge. Julius will be returning to the Trust in September 2018 and we cannot wait for him to come back!

Lilian Seko

Lilian Seko, Administrator 
Lilian comes from Homa Bay County in Western Kenya. She joined the Grevy’s Zebra Trust as the Administrator in June 2012, with a wealth of experience in accounting and humanitarian work with marginalized communities in Southern Sudan and Turkana. Lilian is a Certified Public Accountant with a Diploma in Human Resource Management. She manages all our accounts, our human resources, and the Grevy’s Zebra Scholarship Program. She brings a unique blend of her humanitarian experience and practical financial knowledge and skills to the Trust.


Joel Loongonyo

Joel Loongo’nyo, Camp Manager 
Joel Loongo’nyo is from Maralal in Samburu North. Joel has a Diploma in Environmental Management and joined us as Regional Coordinator for Laisamis in January 2013. He was responsible for coordinating the 10 Grevy’s Zebra Warriors is five locations, as well as overseeing water management, mud patrols and conducting community outreach. As Camp Manager, Joel now ensures the smooth running of the GZT camp in Westgate, supervising the camp staff and handling all camp logistics.


Sheila Funnel

Sheila Funnell, Research Manager
Sheila joined GZT in 2015 as the Research Manager, and is responsible for overseeing all the research and monitoring work undertaken in the field. She has a degree in Conservation Biology and a Masters in Taxonomy and Biodiversity. She is responsible for analysis of the data collected by the project, and also oversees the quality of data collection.



Morgan Pecora_Saipe

Annsarah Wangui, Research Officer
Annsarah is from Taita Taveta County in Coastal Kenya. She joined Grevy's Zebra Trust in 2012 as a volunteer, and after graduating from Kenyatta University in 2015 with a degree in Environmental Science, she joined GZT as the Research Officer. Annsarah is responsible for managing the Grevy’s Zebra Scout data and ensuring good quality data is collected, analyzing the camera trap images and photos collected by the field teams. She also coordinates the SMART program for GZT.


Joshua Labarakwe, Laisamis Regional Coordinator
Joshua is from Laisamis, in Marsabit County, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development. He joined GZT in April 2016, and is responsible for supervising our 10-strong team of Grevy’s Zebra Warriors. He also liaises with our five partner communities in the region as well as Melako Community Conservancy, Kenya Wildlife Service, and Northern Rangelands Trust. Laisamis being the most arid region that we work in, Joel’s work gets even busier during our dry season overseeing our water management activities and camera-trap monitoring project.

Morgan Pecora_Saipe


Lino Lemuramba, Driver
Lino is from Archer’s Post in Samburu. He joined the Trust as a driver in May 2016 and is deployed to all regions as needed to support the Warrior, Scout and Ambassador Programs.




Titus Leguuto, Driver
Titus is from Oldonyiro in Isiolo County. He joined the Trust as a driver in 2017 and drives the dedicated Rangelands vehicle, ensuring that the goals of this program are logistically supported.



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