Utilizing warriors in Grevy’s zebra monitoring and outreach is a powerful way of engaging future leaders in conservation



Samburu warriors (morans) are world famous for their striking appearance. Dressing in beautiful sarongs and adorning themselves with intricate beaded jewellery and brightly coloured feathers or faux flowers, these young men serve as messengers and protectors for the community. A young man entering the moran phase, must leave his mother’s home and venture out into the world, living off the land and preparing his own food in the company of fellow warriors. Despite their important role as the community’s eyes and ears on the ground, their autonomy as a separate group, means they are often excluded from decision-making; this is also true of decisions concerning conservation. As the next generation of leaders, engaging this youth group in conservation is critical for long-term success.

Grevy's Zebra Warriors

The Grevy’s Zebra Trust works in Laisamis where one of the most important yet least protected Grevy’s zebra populations is found. Here, we employ a team of ten Grevy’s Zebra Warriors who monitor Grevy’s zebra, raise awareness, and provide protection to the species. Their outreach to communities has created a large network of local support through which conservation messaging is disseminated and practical conservation action, including dry season water management, mud rescue efforts and supplementary feeding, is implemented. This approach very effectively addresses key threats facing the species which include poaching, impeded access to water during the dry season, lethal mud flats, and disease.

“Without wildlife you are the poorest person in the world; I will be proud of the fact that I am the one who started conservation and it’s because of me this wildlife is here.”

Lparichoi Hargura, Grevy’s Zebra Warrior

Mud Rescue Team

Seasonal flooding of the Milgis River leaves lethal mud flats which wildlife and livestock get trapped in. We have a mud rescue team that extracts trapped animals during high risk months. To date, this team has rescued 9 Grevy’s zebra, 1 gerenuk, 2 ostriches and 3 warthogs.

Joint Patrols

In Laisamis, we work together with the Kenya Wildlife service and Melako Community Conservancy. Every quarter we patrol together by vehicle to do a wildlife census and talk to communities.

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