Oxpecker on the back of Grevy's zebra ©James Warwick

The conservation strategy is the first formal document developed for the conservation of Grevy’s zebra in Kenya



Recovery & Action Plan

Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee

The sustained decline in Grevy’s zebra numbers and range has been a major concern to stakeholders in Grevy’s zebra conservation in Kenya. It was recognised that the conservation of Grevy’s zebra and its semi-arid ecosystem in Kenya and Ethiopia will require commitment and coordination among all stakeholders to ensure the future survival of this species. This led to the formation of a Grevy’s Zebra Task Force in 2004, chaired by the Kenya Wildlife Service, to coordinate Grevy’s zebra conservation efforts in Kenya. A major output of its meetings was the need to develop a national Grevy’s zebra conservation strategy. The Task Force has since evolved into the Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee, which provides guidance to ongoing and proposed Grevy’s zebra research and conservation efforts. The following organisations sit on the Technical Committee which is convened and chaired by the Kenya Wildlife Service: Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Kenya Wildlife Service, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Marwell Wildlife, Northern Rangelands Trust, Princeton University and Zoological Society of London.

Current Recovery & Action Plan

The implementation of Kenya’s Recovery & Action Plan for Grevy’s Zebra (Equus grevyi) in Kenya (2017-2026) is being undertaken by the Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee with coordination led by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The latest revision of this document took place in 2017, taking into account the conservation challenges, successes and priorities emerging from the past four years, and focusing on actions for 2017-2026. Tracking of progress will be done biannually at the Grevy’s Zebra Technical Committee meetings and strategic reviews undertaken every three years to ensure that the status of threats is updated and that these threats are being effectively addressed.

Vision & Goal

Kenya’s vision is: To have viable populations of Grevy’s zebra in their natural habitat, functioning in healthy ecosystems and valued locally and globally.

Her goal is: To ensure increasing populations of Grevy’s zebra and work towards fostering ecological, socio-cultural and economic sustainability within their natural range.

This vision and goal will be achieved through Strategic Objectives that focus on mitigating the threats to Grevy’s zebra survival, increasing their numbers, and building a solid foundation upon which to sustain Grevy’s zebra conservation in the long-term.

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