A Grevy’s Zebra Scholarship supports a child through four years of secondary school education



Successful educational outreach requires broad connections at many levels and action by children is one of the most effective ways to initiate change in the behaviour of adults.

School Outreach

Our school outreach program aims to teach students about Grevy’s zebra, conservation, and the Trust’s work in an interactive and fun manner. We have a number of activities that we do, including having the students ink their thumb print on to a card to represent a zebra’s body and then draw on the legs, head and tail. This demonstrates that just like we have unique fingerprints, zebras have unique stripe patterns. Students are also given creative assignments for which prizes are awarded to students and schools who have done the best works. And, we have readings of the comic book “Mary and Maraba – A Grevy’s Zebra Tale” by Heather Larkin with a class discussion around the story’s themes.

Grevy’s Zebra Scholarships

We award secondary school scholarships to promising students from communities that host Grevy’s zebra populations. The pastoral communities of northern Kenya are economically marginalized and this type of support to the education of their children is highly valued; it builds the capacity of the future generation and is a major catalyst in changing attitudes towards wildlife.

A wonderful example of this is Michael Edaan who is from El Barta where our Grevy’s Zebra Ambassadors operate. During one of meetings with his community, we invited Michael to speak. He thanked his community for selecting him as a beneficiary for a Grevy’s Zebra Scholarship saying that his life had been changed by that decision and that he now had opportunities that would have otherwise not been available to him. He then went on to thank the community for stopping the poaching of Grevy’s zebra and other wildlife. He said that it was the existence of the Grevy’s zebra that was paying for his bursary and that his community has now stopped eating the meat of the Grevy’s zebra and instead is drinking its milk. This analogy of milking the Grevy’s zebra is used frequently by pastoral communities when they talk of how they benefit from wildlife without using them consumptively.

Michael excelled in school and is now studying engineering at university. He recently posted the following tribute to Grevy’s zebra on our Facebook page: “Grevy’s zebra, what a beautiful animal you are! What a good attraction to many! It is because of you that I am where I am. May you exist in this nature to eternity.”

Supporting Exams

The Grevy’s Zebra Trust is pleased to support the printing of mock exams for children in Standard 8 primary schools. Every year, the schools receive the exams, enabling the students to have a practice run before the real thing and allowing teachers to identify areas which need most attention.

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